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This is repriting post written by me from other tech blog site in 2016.

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This post was written by me in 2016 at other blog site. Especially UE4’s information on this page may be old. Be careful if you’ll reference this page.


I’ve tried to display “UNITY-CHAN” on UE4, and as the result I’ve succeeded it. So I’m going to show you how to display it.

Coverage range on this post

  • try to import “UNITY-CHAN!” SD model to UE4.
  • place “UNITY-CHAN!” SD model on UE4’ scene.


  • UnrealEngine 4.10 or above
  • Unity 5.2 or above

TODO in Unity

Download “UNITY-CHAN!” SD model from official page

At first, let’s download “UNITY-CHAN!” SD model from Unity’s official page. We can download it in unitypackage format.

Create new unity project

Next, we have to craete new unity project. This project will be used to extract UNITY-CHAN fbx and texture datas. So we may choose its name arbitrary.

Import “UNITY-CHAN!” SD model unitypackage into your unity project

In our unity project, we have to import unitypackage from upper menu of [Assets -> Import Package -> Custom Package…], and select UNITY-CHAN’s unitypackage in order to import. We don’t have to change default settings. You may import all assets.

Extraction of UNITY-CHAN’S model files

If you finished to import unitypackage, you can find “UnityChan” directory in the Assets directory. Then you have to extract UNITY-CHAN’s model data such as “.fbx” and “.tga” files.

extension namedetails
fbs3D model and animtion datas of UNITY-CHAN
tgaTexture of UNITY-CHAN model

We may find these files from as below path (There are some differences by your download version of unitypackage.)


We only have to extract these files, and you may close Unity project.

TODO in Unreal Engine 4

Create new UE4 Project

Now we’ll use UE4. First, we create new UE4 project. In using UE4, you can create it from existing templates. You needn’t create scratch! This time, we’ll create our project from “Third Person” template.

Add directory to manage “UNITY-CHAN” assets

I want to put together “UNITY-CHAN”’s assets, so I’ve created “UNITY-CHAN” directory. I’ve created “Animation”, “Model”, “Texture”, and “Material” directory in it.

Import “UNITY-CHAN” fbx model into UE4

Then, we’re going to import “UNITY-CHAN” fbx file into UE4. You select “Import” button, and import below file.


On UE 4.10, I am successful to import as below figure’s setting. It is important that you have to check “Convert Scene” toggle. Why we shold be so? Because UE4 and Unity’s coordinate system are different, we should convert for UE4’ coordinate system.

Then, you will find “SD_unitychan_generic_head” file in a Model directory. Let’s double click it.

So the new window model edit is opened and you’ll see a gray colored UNITY-CHAN! Next we have to set material settings for this model on the orange square area.

Import texture files and create material

We import texture files into UE4, too. (only “utc_all2.tga”) Then you’ll find “utc_all2” file on UE4. You do right click on this file and select “Create Material”, and you can create “mtc_all2_Mat” file in the same directory.

Set materials to UNITY-CHAN model

At last, we set this material to UNITY-CHAN fbx model. You only have to drag & drop this material file to the orange square area as below.

Set UNITY-CHAN model into sample scene

Finally, you place “SD_unitychan_generic_head” model into the Scene with drag and drop. You can see “UNITY-CHAN” on your scene!


First, we extract “UNITY-CHAN” fbx and texture datas from Unity. Second, we import “UNITY-CHAN” data into UE4. Finally, we set the material data to model and place it on the sample scene.


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