How to detect New Android SDK from Unity 2018.4 when you are using Android Studio 3.6

Unity 2018.4 can’t detect Android SDK by new Android Studio

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I had a trouble when I have installed Android Studio 3.6 with Android SDK29 into new machine. The trouble is that Unity2018.4 can’t detect newly Android SDK as a valid SDK. I have taken lots of time to solve it, so that I leave as a record this trouble.


  • MacOS (Mojave)
  • Unity208.4.21 (LTS Version)
  • Android Studio 3.6.3

How to detect new Android SDK as a valid one from Unity2018.4

What’s the trouble

Now you install Android Studio 3.6, your Unity 2018.4 can’t detect Android SDK as a valid one.

It seems that some libraries become obsolete in latest Android SDK, but Unity 2018.4 is depending it yet.


I’ve googled how to solve it, and I’ve found the solution from official Unity reference.

Unity’s official page(Android environment setup) says that as below

Note: When using Android Studio version 3.6 or newer, the Tools component is not installed automatically as it is considered outdated. You will have to uncheck “Hide Obsolete Packages” and then install “Android SDK Tools (Obsolete)”. Otherwise Unity will not detect the SDK.

So, the solutions are as below.

  • Open Android SDK Manager.
  • Uncheck “Hide Obsolete Packages”.
  • Check “Android SDK Tools(Obsolete)” and you install it.

If you do this, your Unity 2018.4 can detect new Android SDK as a valid one.

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