Why have I selected Hugo and Academic theme to create my webpage?

This is my first blog post.

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Hi, I’m ytmt. I have started to create website of mine. The purposes of this site are as follows.

  • I have wanted a portfolio site of mine since a long time ago.
  • I want to make writing a blog a life work.
  • I also want to create tech tutorial as bellow
    • Unity
    • Jenkins
    • Rust
  • Practice English Writing

Right now, this site has little content, so I’m going to write and increase contents little by little! In this article, I’m going to write why I decided to use Hugo and Academic, Hugo’s wonderful theme.

Requirement and Selection Criteria

Tech and Services which I have selected

This page is made of as bellow tech.

HugoThe static site generator that is made of Golang.
AcademicOne of the most popular Hugo’s themes. (It has lots of stars on Github!) Academic’s design is very wonderful and supports lots of documents.
NetlifyIt is a hosting service for my Website. Academic theme’s author has recommended it.

Selection criteria

At least, I want to satisfy these conditions to update my website.

  • I can manage the site’s contents myself as works.
  • Easy to update contents.
  • Easy to migrate for variable hosting services.
  • Take it easy to code rich website.
    • I don’t want to worry about any complex responsible design.

So I have been looking for simple and easy customizable website template. At last, I narrowed down the candidates to Hugo and Jekyll.

Hugo vs Jekyll

Hugo and Jekyll have as below characteristic.

  • Hugo
    • Made of Golang.
    • Fast build to generate website.
    • It is difficult to customize, because Hugo’s tutorial is very poor for me.
  • Jekyll
    • Made of Ruby.
    • It has been used by lots of famouse website such as Twitch, AWS Amplify and any other services.[Showcase]
    • Easy to understand official documents.[Step by Step Tutorial]
    • It takes long time to build if it has lots of posts.1

At first, I wanted to use jekyll very much. Jekyll’s official reference is very easy to understand.

But Jekyll is said that its site’s generate time will be increasing if the blog posts are increasing. I couldn’t accept this bottleneck. In contrast, Hugo can iterate fast update cycle regardless of it has lots of posts.

I don’t want to bother for build time, so I’ve selected Hugo. And I found one of the Hugo’s theme, Academic.

Academic - the theme of Hugo template -

In the first place, what is the Hugo’s theme?

It is very cumbersome to create webpage from the beginning. (I will have to code lots of html, css, and any other scripting!) To take it easy, static site generators have already prepaired lots of various templates as a theme. Hugo’s user can override and customize Hugo’s theme freely. You can find lots of theme about Hugo if you search on google.

Among them, Academic theme has fullfilling documents.

Originally, Academic theme is used by College project sites. (So they call this theme as “Academic”.) This theme is published for open source and enable to use for blog posts or commersial sites. I have only to modify some Academic’s config files. (However, I’ve modified some md files in order to change appearances.)

Why didn’t I use existing blog hosting services?

At first, I’ve considered to use “Qiita”, “note”, or any other existing blog sites. But, I didn’t want to bother with “Admit desire”, such as “Like”.

And I’ve seen that blogging services will end of operation even so big companies such as “Yahoo”. If these blog services will end of operation,

  • I will have to migrate lots of my blog post to other blogging services.
  • or, I will give up salvage my past post.

These risks are unacceptable for me to continue my blogsite as “lifework”. On the other hand, static site genrator is very attractive that its easy to update and migrate to other hosting site. And this coding sytle is my kind of thing.


That is why, I’ve decided to use Hugo and Academic theme for my blog page. My goal is to keep posting blogs little by little.

  1. According to this page, Hugo can genrate 1000 pages in 0.1sec, on the other hand Jekyll takes some minutes to generate as same. ^
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